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History 3003.1 The Globe, Part II: Imperialism, Colonialism, and Post-colonialism

Final Project Assignment Description

Digital History of Place Essay

Using your knowledge of Modern global / international history and concepts studied in class: 


  1. Select and research the history of a specific 'place' in order to master its essential human geography and history. This means limiting and defining the relevant regional context and chronological period; and it means gathering a working bibliography-- minimum: 4 books and 2 scholarly articles (or 2 books and 4 scholarly articles) which you have read enough to use intelligently and cite in your writing / presentation. 
  2. Your history of place essay will: narrate an interesting, true story about the place and carefully chosen events, acts, works, movements, or institutions; the narration should be in the active voice, make statements on the basis of verified, factual information or from the informed, reasoned opinion of scholarly authorities.
  3. Your history of the place will be: 5-7 pages or 2,500- 3,500 words; include at least three hyper-links to primary or secondary sources (photographs, maps, films, text documents, etc.); and will be expressed in 'Chicago' style with Footnotes and Bibliography.    

Annotated Bibliography, Research Plan, Outline

Statement Of Research Plan:
[Example]:  My research will focus on the history of Galicia (western Ukraine) at the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1890-1918).  Specifically, it will focus on Ukrainian-speaking minorities within the empire and the rise of the Ukrainian nationalist movement and the problem of achieving an independent national state. It will examine the role of the Bolshevik Revolution and its effects of the Ukrainian nationalist movement for an independent national state. 
Tentative Outline: [example]
1. Introduction to Ukrainian Nationalist Movement in the Austro Hungarian Empire (1890-1917)
2.  Regional Context:  
2.1 The Multinational Habsburg / Austro-Hungarian Empire
2.2 Ukraine as minority group with the empire
3. The problem of Ukrainian national independence:
3.1 19th century Nationalism (general description)
3.2 Ukrainian Nationalist Movement (specific analysis) 
3.3 The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and the Ukrainian State, 1917-1918 
4. Conclusion 
Annotated Bibliography
Bibliography of at least six scholarly works (monograph books and scholarly articles) with annotations here