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History 3003.1 The Globe, Part II: Imperialism, Colonialism, and Post-colonialism

On Places: the History of the Present

Research Journal No. 2 -- History of the Present: Cities in Transition

"Cities today confront unprecedented social, political, and environmental challenges. “History of the Present,” published by the online, Places Journal, features in-depth articles, written by leading journalists and public scholars, on cities undergoing profound transition." 


Research Journal Prompt: Read one of the articles from the Series, "History of the Present" and in 4-5 paragraphs (3-5 sentences per paragraph) write review essay of your chosen article aimed at generally educated audience. Do the following: 

1. Introduce the article you are reviewing; include Author, Title, Date. (1 paragraph).  Hyperlink to the article when you state the Title. For example, "Marco Roth and Katrina Dudas have written a very interesting and informative piece in their History of the Present: Belgrade." 

When introducing the article use the Author(s)' full name (as above). Afterwards, you may refer to the Author(s) by their last name.  For instance, "Roth and Dudas tell the complex story of Belgrade using carefully selected facts and colorful details." 

2. Narrate in broad, summary terms the relevant information or viewpoint of the Author / article. What do they try to do or show in the article?  (1-2 paragraphs)  Explain what the authors see as the significant transitions affecting the place. (2-3 paragraphs)

3. In your final paragraph, formulate 2-3 further questions: What else would you like to know?  What other aspects of the place would you like to research? You may also use this paragraph to critique the Author and state what they have done well or not so well.  

On Prose Style 

As in your previous entry, you must include the Research Journal entry Date (2.9.22 or February 9, 2022), a interesting and meaningful Title (in bold), and interesting, informative Subheadings (in italics) for the divisions of your review essay.  

Using this Form helps your Reader easily grasp how you have organized your thoughts.  As the Author, you should be courteous to your Reader. Aim clarity and grace -- a plain style.  Plain style refers writing that is simple and direct.  

Use examples and quotations from the article in order to make your writing more concrete and meaningful.  Use active voice that shows people,  places, or things doing stuff, performing actions. As in  "The elders of Belgrade witnessed/observed/saw/suffered/ many political changes in the twentieth century."  

Think about your adjectives.  As in "The [ancient] city of Belgrade, former capitol of Yugoslavia, has experienced both [mass] demonstrations and [dramatic] [political] uprisings."  

Take your time and revise until you are happy with your work.