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History 3003.1 The Globe, Part II: Imperialism, Colonialism, and Post-colonialism

Library Research Exercise


First review the Library of Congress Classification System.  Browse through Class D to find a Place that interests you. Choose something outside of your horizon.  Use Google Maps to establish the location of your Country and its larger geographical Regional context. 

Then, using the Alemany Library Catalog you will find and choose 4 books (2 print books and 2 e-books) about the Country and its Region. 

PART I Due by End of Class (2.16.22)

1. (15 minutes) Use the catalog. Find two print books about the history of the Country you've chosen (must be modern, National History).  Find one using the Catalog, then when you visit the stacks where the book is located, browse around and find another book that is related.  


2. (15 minutes) Once you have found the two books, find a quiet place to perform an "Inspectional Reading" (read the Introduction, Table of Contents; browse Section Headings, scan and skim the Chapters to see what's there; look at the Index to see the various topics discussed; look at the Bibliography/Works Cited to see what other literature was consulted (choose only books that have these).

Ask: a) What is the Subject of the work?  b) What is the scope / scale-- i.e. what does it cover?  c) How is it organized? (Topically? Geographically? Chronologically)?


3. (15 minutes) In your Research Journal, Create Chicago Style citations and descriptions for both books following this form: 

Form EX: Last name, First name. Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.

EX: Kerouac, Jack. The Dharma Bums. New York: Viking Press, 1958.

Beneath the citation, in 2-3 sentences, describe each work answering the three questions above.


PART II (outside of class if necessary-- but due by next class session 2.23.22)

4. Repeat the same process but this time use the catalog to find 2 e-books about the larger Geographical Region or (Region may be the larger Continent-- like South America, or some smaller division-- like Southeast Asia, North Africa, or Central Europe or North Atlantic, South Pacific, Indo Valley, etc. )

Create Chicago Style citations for both books. 

EX: Davidson, Donald. Essays on Actions and Events. Oxford: Clarendon, 2001.

In 2-3 sentences, describe each work answering the same three questions above.