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History 3003.1 The Globe, Part II: Imperialism, Colonialism, and Post-colonialism

On Progress and Decline


Drawing on the class lecture and the sources provided below, respond to the prompt below:

Explain the ideas of historical Progress and Decline.  

Then state your views on Optimism / Pessimism (Constrained / Unconstrained Vision) and your views of human nature.

Your short essay will include:

1. A explanation of the key terms/ideas we have inherited about history.

2. A concise statement of your own position and your reasons for holding your beliefs. 

Please compose 2 paragraphs -- 4-5 sentences per paragraph.  

  • Date your Journal entry
  • Create a informative / interesting Title (in bold)
  • Use two interesting / informative Section Headings  (in italics) -- one elucidating the ideas and one explaining your views and the reasons for them.  

No other information is required.

Please write in the Active Voice.  This means identifying historical actors, authors, institutions, causes etc. Ask of your sentences: who did (or said what). Examples from University of Wisconsin. 

Example of Form (how to organize your thoughts): 

January 206, 2022

Things are Getting Better (Or Worse) All the Time Because of Human Nature

Arguing about Progress and Decline

4-5 Sentences...

Topic sentence then three supporting sentences. 


Why Things Inevitably Will Get Better (Or Not)

4-5 Sentences..

Topic Sentence then three supporting sentences.