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Using Third Party Copyrighted Material

The law says that less than a substantial part of a third party work may be copied or quoted without permission or infringement of copyright. Unfortunately, as substantial is not defined, it will depend on the significance of the passage within the whole item. Graham Cornish (2009 p.18) cites the copying  of a report’s recommendations and conclusions - even if these constitute only three paragraphs of an 80 page report – as potentially being classed as substantial.

Have I used substantial third party items in my work?
  • Long extracts of text from works by other people
  • Illustrations or images
  • Figures or tables
  • Maps & charts, even those you have redrawn yourself
  • Material of your own that has been previously published

If you have included any of these items in your work, then permission from the rights holder may be required if you cannot claim Fair Use.