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Dominican University of California strives to provide the best education possible for its students by encouraging them in the exploration and acquisition of knowledge through the creation of scholarly and creative works that will prepare them for a successful life and career.

Scholarship is built upon the work of others but in using that work to teach our students The University realizes that it also needs to be committed to copyright law and respectful to the rights of copyright holders. Dominican University of California also recognizes that those rights need to be balanced with limitations of copyright law through the right to make a fair use of copyrighted materials and the right to perform or display works in the course of face-to-face teaching activities.

Intellectual Property Policy for Dominican University of California

This handbook deals with the use of copyrighted materials created by third parties in the course of instruction while The Intellectual Property Policy for Dominican University of California deals with the relationship of the University and creators concerning issues intellectual property including ownership of copyright.

Although this handbook discusses copyright ownership, the University’s Intellectual Property Policy takes precedent in matters concerning who owns copyright of materials created as part of one’s position at the University.