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Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons (often abbreviated to CC) is one of the most popular alternatives to absolute copyright. It allows the rights holder, generally the original creator, to detail certain circumstances under which work can be reused and shared by others without the need to seek permission. In this way items shared under one of the Creative Commons licenses will allow you to include it within you work without the need to seek formal permission. Licenses are generally selected by combining one or more elements from the CC license mix.

Creative Commons License Mix

  • BY – By Attribution (original source and author must be cited)
  • SA – Share Alike (the work this is included in must also be shared under the same CC license
  • NC – Non-Commercial (the material cannot be republished or shared in an item that is sold or otherwise used in any commercial work)
  • ND – No Derivatives (the material cannot be changed, paraphrased, built upon or incorporated in any way to other publications) 

For example, this site is shared under a BY-SA-NC license, which means that others can rework and develop the material in this booklet, so long as they credit its authors and license their new creations under the identical terms and that it cannot be used for commercial purposes. Creative Commons licenses can be applied to all forms of media and are not solely limited to text-based works.