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College Research Skills: Home

A guide to College Research and Writing

Hello and welcome to your Research Guide for Effective Communications 1 & 2

Along with your librarian, you can use this guide as a one stop shop for all your research needs.


The Purpose of The Library

What is the purpose of the library?

In order for anyone to effectively access information it must be organized.

The purpose of the library is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to extensive amounts of knowledge and information in many different formats such as: books, journals, magazines, databases, ebooks, and websites.

Here are a few tools to get you started:

Citation Styles

Citation Help for Non-Print Sources

Citing a song or soundtrack in APA or MLA

The Research Process

So, what is the general research process?

The Research Cycle

1. Explore Background

What general concepts does your topic fall under.

2. Develop Topic

Narrow down or develop further the key points of your topic. This is where you will discover keywords to enable you to search for your topic in books, databases, and the internet. 

3. Find Sources

Look for information in a variety of sources. Always continue to adapt and add to your keyword list. Discover points of interest in your topic and follow those paths. 

4. Evaluate Sources

Understanding who created the information, when it was created, and why it was created will give you background on if and how to use the information in your work. 

5. Use and Cite Sources 

Give credit when credit is due. By citing your the sources that you use you avoid claims of plagiarizing and allow readers of your work to find more information on the topic.  

6. Create New Knowledge 

When you use research to understand a topic and develop answers to a posed thesis you create new knowledge and information. Continuing the cycle for more researchers to potentially use your information for research.