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Searching for Books in the Alemany Library

Tips for Finding Books on Homelessness

Use the following to search for books on Homelessness:

  • Alemany Library Catalog - Search Dominican library, Camino (library network).
  • WorldCat -Search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world. (You may also search WorldCat from within Alemany's catalog via the dropdown.)

1. Try using the following Keyword brainstorming tools to develop search terms:

  • TwinWord LSI Graph on "Homelessness" - Based on text analysis technologies, Twinword Ideas helps you find the right keywords faster. Click on any term to reconfigure visual graph.
  • Credo Visual Concepts "Mind-Map" - A graphic tool that can be used to visualize and clarify thoughts or ideas, and develop search terms. Click on any term to reconfigure graph. 

2. Try also using the following Subject Terms in the Alemany Catalog: 

  • Homelessness -- Government policy -- United States; Homeless persons -- Health and hygiene -- United States; Homeless persons -- Housing -- United States; Political Science -- Public Policy -- Social Security; Political Science -- Public Policy -- Social Services & Welfare; Homeless persons -- Health and hygiene; Homeless persons -- Housing; Homelessness -- Government policy; Homeless Persons; Housing.

Selected Book Titles Available in Alemany Library

Find below a selection of titles on homelessness in the Alemany Library. These books are written from a variety of perspectives. It is always a good idea to check the bibliography at the back of a book you find relevant to your topic. This list is only a small selection from available titles in teh Library collection. Please see above for how best to search for relevant and useful titles.