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Penguin Prepared @ the Library

Find out what the Alemany Library is doing to keep you safe!

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Keep Yourself Safe!

  • Wear your mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Use the Penguin Prepared sanitation supplies provided throughout the library - Especially at the printers and student computers
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from people
  • Keep study groups to 2 people maximum
  • Don't linger - keep study sessions shorter to avoid exposure
  • Use online resources like research help and eReserves

Safety in the Library

The Library has made careful accommodations for socially-distanced study around the building. This includes limiting access to the building to students, staff, and faculty as well as layout changes. 

For your safety, please do not move tables or chairs,

and do not remove the tape on certain items. 

  • Information Commons Computers: Computer access has been staggered to maximize distance. Disposable keyboard covers are available. A Penguin Prepared sanitation station is available at the end of the computer row. Please do not use marked-off computers.
  • Printer Kiosk: Please use sanitation before and after you print. Wipe down the kiosk and sanitize your hands.
  • Printers: Printers have been moved to accommodate more distance. A Penguin Prepared sanitation station is available on the table between the printers.
  • Printer Supplies: Printer supplies have been moved to the reference desk area, near the stairs to the bathroom. Please wait to use the supplies until the student before you has finished. Maintain a 6-foot distance.

Please sanitize before and after using computers and printers

and maintain a 6-foot distance.

  • Quiet Study Area: Chairs have been moved 6 feet apart.
  • Group Study Areas: Tables have been spaced 6 feet apart. Max two (2) students per table.
  • Second Floor Study Carrels (at the ends of the stacks): Some study carrels/tables have been taped off to allow for socially distanced study. Please do not remove tape or move tables or chairs.