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Faculty Select

OER and DRM Free Books for you to use with your classes

Faculty Select Flyer

What is Faculty Select?

Faculty Select is a new tool, offered through the Archbishop Alemany Library, that allows you to easily search for Open Educational Resources (OER) and DRM Free textbooks for your classes. These textbooks give you more control to customize your classes and at the same time lower the cost to students.

Faculty Select provides a familiar and easy to use interface so that you can easily find electronic textbooks that are either OER or DRM Free (see the definitions below). A couple of things to note:

  • Books listed as OER are free for you to use
  • Books listed as eBooks Available for Purchase are DRM Free eBooks that the Library will purchase for you
Important: If you request a book purchase you must use your Dominican email address in the request form. Requests made with an email not using will be ignored.
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