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RefWorks Hints

Import files from PubMed and Web of Science

From PubMed to RefWorks

Part 1 – Mark the articles and Save the file

  1. Do your search in PubMed
  2. Check the boxes next to the articles that you want to save.
    • You can also save up to 2500 at a time, just leave the articles unchecked.
  3. Click on Send To on the upper right side of your screen.
  4. Choose Citation Manager 
  5. PubMed will create a citations.nbib file. Save it to your computer (someplace easy to find like the desktop).

NOTE: If the .nbib file does not work, try choosing File and select Medline, it will create a pubmed.txt file.

Part 2 – Import to RefWorks

  1. Log in to RefWorks
  2. In the RefWorks menu click on References  and then Import
  3. Under Import from a File, you can either drag and drop the citations.nbib (or pubmed.txt) file to the box
  4. Refworks should recognize it as NLM PubMed (if not, choose it from the options)
  5. Click Import
  6. The citations will be uploaded to your Last Imported folder. 
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