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Using Mendeley

Mendeley Help

Mendeley tutorials and help guides:


1. Set up a Mendeley account

1. Set up an account in Mendeley

  • Create the account at
  • Check your email.
  • Be sure to click the confirmation link in the email Mendeley sends you to fully activate your account.

2. Install Mendeley Desktop (PC/Mac)

2. Install the Mendeley Desktop (PC and Mac)

  • Go to:
  • PC - Click the Download Now button
  • Mac - Click the link on the right side under "Mendeley for other systems"
  • I0S or Android - Click the link on the right side under "Mendeley for other systems"
  • Open the file and install (on Macs, open the file and drag the Mendeley icon to the file folder)

3. Install Web Importer (PC/Mac)

3. Install the Web Importer - Mac/PC (see below for i0S)

Note: Be sure you use the same browser each time

  • Click here to get the web importer:
  • Choose the version for the browser you are using and install.
  • Look for the Mendeley button in the bookmark bar. When you want to add an article, click that button. 


Installing Mendeley on i0S/Android

Mendeley Mobile for i0S or Android

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