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Master's Thesis & Capstone Project Guide: Submitting Your Thesis

This provides general guidance for authors of master's theses and creative project reports prepared while at at Dominican University of California. Please read the guidelines carefully and consult with your thesis advisor and the Library.

Dominican Scholar

The Library utilizes a web platform called Dominican Scholar for managing the electronic submission of the final thesis.  Once the student has submitted their thesis, the Library will review the submission for errors and then post it online in Dominican Scholar.  Depending on the number of submissions the complete process may take several days before it is viewable by the public. 

All students required by their department to submit a thesis or capstone project to the Library must do so electronically; paper copies will not be accepted.

Submitting Your Thesis


The Library does not serve as an editor.  The author and thesis advisors should carefully proofread the thesis before it is submitted to the Library.  Such proofreading will usually reveal typographical errors, misspelling, and inconsistencies in style, punctuation, and grammar.  This careful review should prevent the need to make extensive corrections.  The Library will not accept a thesis with extensive errors and will ask you to make necessary corrections.

Additionally, because the theses are available online, be sure to remove any personal information and signatures.

Students can prevent rejection of the thesis by ensuring that the final manuscript is free of the following frequent errors:

  • signatures on an IRB or Advisors Page
  • pages for which no numbers are assigned or entered
  • lack of dates on Advisors Page
  • inconsistencies in style
  • copyright violations

Submission of Your Thesis

After you have applied for the award of master’s degree, AND your thesis has received final departmental approval, AND you have obtained thesis advisor and department chair signatures on your Thesis Signature Page you will upload a copy of your completed thesis and any supplemental materials by your department's deadline . 

Before you upload anything, you'll need to create a new Dominican Scholar account for yourself. This account uses a username and password of your own making and is not connected to your Dominican ID and password.

  1. Start at the Library's homepage
  2. Click on the Dominican Scholar link
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on Sign Up under New Account
  5. Fill out the form 
  6. Check for a confirmation email
  7. Login to your account
Note: If you use you personal email when setting up an account you'll receive a monthly email letting you know how many times your documents have been downloaded.  You can always update your email address later.
  1. Go to Dominican Scholar and click on Submit Research at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Click on Master's Theses and Capstone Projects.
  3. Login with your username and password (see the instructions on the Create an Account tab on how to do this).
  4. Read and accept the terms of agreement.
  5. Fill out and submit the form.
  6. You're done!

Email a scanned copy of your signature page to

After you submit your thesis the Library will ensure that all the information has been entered correctly and that the thesis has been formatted according to the guidelines.  If everything is correct your thesis will be posted.  You should receive an email notifying you that your thesis is available online with a URL for your thesis. Depending on when you submit your thesis and the number of theses received this process could take several days.

If errors are found within the thesis itself the Library will notify you of corrections that need to be made.  You'll be able to resubmit the updated version of your thesis with no penalty.

Once your thesis has been received the any requested corrections have been verified the Library will notify your thesis advisor.

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