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Exporting Citations from PubMed to RefWorks

Exporting Citations from PubMed to RefWorks

How do I import a list of references from PubMed into RefWorks?

Although PubMed does not have a direct export to RefWorks, it's possible to create a file in PubMed that can be imported into RefWorks.

In PubMed, after selecting the references to be imported into RefWorks, select Send to > Citation manager.

Image of PubMed interface

After verifying the information and making a selection from the menu, click Create File. The file created will be called 'pubmed-search_name-set.nbib' and end up in the computer's downloads folder.

Image of PubMed interface

Drag the citations.nbib file onto the Import from a file area.

Image of PubMed import

Select Import to add the references to RefWorks

    Image of PubMed import success

Imported references will appear in Last Imported view of RefWorks. 

  • Article last edited: 20-Nov-2020