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Post-Election Responses and Continuing Civil Engagement

This guide is a helpful tool to help engage, discuss, reflect, and process what is a 2020 election year fraught with a challenging voting process, with major implications for our community, national, and global future on the ballot.

Beyond Dominican: Post Election Guides and Websites

  •  SLSV (Students Learn Students Vote) has created this post-election period Post-Election Campus Resource and Response Guide that includes fantastic existing resources that meet the needs expressed by stakeholders. You can also go this web-page which they will be updating every week with resources. 

    This slide deck that they created for facilitating an ideation session for post-election response is excellent and we might consider using it as well.




  •  With Malice Toward None from Braver Angels as a tool for the “day/week after.”

    With Malice Toward None is an initiative to heal America in the aftermath of a clear 2020 election outcome. Religious congregations, colleges, civic organizations, and small groups of friends and neighbors are invited to organize gatherings (online or in-person) for their members after the election has been decided. In these gatherings, red and blue Americans consider how they want to regard their fellow citizens who voted differently and begin building the capacity of We the People to forge “a more perfect union” moving into 2021.


  • East Point Peace Academy (in Oakland) is offering free trainings to prepare for November and beyond.  These trainings are based on the principles of Kingian Non-Violence--I have been to a few led by the founder Kazu Haga and they are powerful. U.C. Berkeley Cal Corps is working closely with them and making the workshops available to students.


  • PEN America has offered a Free Speech Institute that has a topical list of election issues and how to respond to results regarding action based on these issues. 


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