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Searching for Datasets in PubMed and PubMed Central

by Michael Pujals on 2018-04-26T10:11:00-07:00 in Research Tools | Comments

With more grant-funding agencies requiring open access datasets with associated journal articles, PUbMed has updated its search filters to increase discoverability of articles with associated data information. From PubMed news releases:

In PMC, users can now search on or append searches with filters to discover articles with specific types of associated data, i.e., to find

  1.  articles with associated supplementary material, use has suppdata[filter]<>;
  2.  articles that include a data availability or data accessibility statement, use has data avail[filter];<> or
  3.  articles that include data citation(s), use has data citations[filter]<>

Alternatively, users can run a search on has associated data[filter]<> to find all articles with any type of data section described above.

In PubMed, users can now search on or append searches with data[filter]<> to find articles with related data links in either the Secondary Source ID field or the LinkOut – Other Literature Resources field (both located below the abstract). These data links may be to records in other NLM databases (e.g., GenBank) or external data repositories (e.g., figshare, Dryad).

The provision and availability of associated datasets still varies widely from article to article, but it is our hope that this small step helps improve the discoverability of this material and supports wider community efforts to advance science in new directions.

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