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Audiovisual Equipment

The Library offers selected audiovisual equipment to Dominican faculty and staff for check-out from the Library Circulation Desk. Please familiarize yourself with the Library's audio/visual policies and then fill out the online request form.

How do I reserve and check-out AV equipment?

AV Equipment Reservations

In order to reserve audiovisual equipment, you must fill out the Audiovisual Equipment Request Form. Filling out a form does not ensure a reservation; your reservation will be confirmed by phone or email if it can be accommodated. All requests are honored in the order that they are received, so reserve as early as possible.

If you no longer need the equipment you have reserved, please call the Library Circulation Desk at 415-485-3251 or email in order to cancel your reservation.

Library Check-Out Procedures

  1. All equipment will be checked out and returned to the Library Circulation Desk.
  2. It is presumed that you know how to operate the equipment that you check out; training at the time of check-out is not available. It is recommended that equipment be checked out well in advance to allow time to become familiar with using it successfully.
  3. The faculty or staff member who checks out the equipment accepts full responsibility for damages or costs incurred to the University or to other departments if equipment has been damaged from misuse and is unusable, or if equipment is not turned in on time for its next reserved use.
  4. Students may check out audiovisual equipment from the Library Circulation Desk. Faculty and staff may authorize the use of University audiovisual equipment by students by signing an authorization form for the student. Students must obtain the form from the Library Circulation Desk and get an authorized signature from their faculty or department head BEFORE making a reservation or checking out equipment. Faculty and staff assume responsibility for equipment used under their authorization. Faculty and staff have first priority for use of the University's audiovisual equipment.
  5. The check-out period for all equipment is 24 hours. Audiovisual equipment accrues overdue fines, so equipment must be returned on time. Currently, the fines on audiovisual equipment are $1.00 for the first hour and $0.25 for each hour after that.

A/V Equipment FAQs


What AV equipment is available for check-out?

The following audiovisual equipment may be available:

  • Portable LCD projectors
  • Slide projectors (please specify if you need a carousel and which size)
  • Portable P.A. system
  • Wireless handheld and lavalier microphones for Guzman Lecture Hall, the Garden Room and the Legacy Room
  • Microphone with XLR cable
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • PowerPoint Remote
  • Polycom Speakerphone (for conference calls)
  • ELMO projector

What AV equipment is standard for classrooms?

Dominican classrooms are equipped with TV/VCR's, overhead projectors on carts, and screens.

What is the standard AV equipment for the Lecture/Conference rooms?

Building Room Equipment
Caleruega Creekside Room
  • LCD projector
  • Network access
  • Full audiovisual hook-ups
Edgehill Garden Room
  • LCD projector
  • Network access
  • P.A. system
  • Full audiovisual hook-ups
Guzman Guzman Lecture Hall
  • LCD projectior
  • Network access
  • P.A. system
  • Full audio/video hook-ups.
Edgehill Legacy Room
  • LCD projector
  • Network access
  • P.A. system
  • Full audiovisual hook-ups


Library 207/208
  • LCD projector
  • ELMO projector
  • Network access
  • Full audiovisual hook-ups
Meadowlands Meadowlands Assembly Hall
  • LCD projector
  • Network access
  • Full audiovisual hook-ups

What training is available for AV equipment?

Faculty and staff members are responsible for the proper use of any equipment checked out, and they are responsible for proper use of equipment used in their classroom by their students or department staff under their direction.

Basic training on portable audiovisual equipment
Please call the Library Circulation Desk at 415-485-3251 or email

Smart Classroom training
Please contact Marques Daniels at email


How do I deal with broken AV equipment?

All portable equipment in need of repair or service should be returned to the Library Circulation Desk immediately.  Broken audiovisual equipment that is permanently installed in a classroom will be repaired or replaced within one business day after reported.


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