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North Bay Fires

A quick information site on the North Bay Fires

The Dominican Community

North Bay Fires: Community Impact Reporting Form

In an effort to help provide support and resources to our community members impacted by the North Bay fires, please use this form to provide information to the University. We are hearing reports of people who are dealing with a variety of challenges, but we are not getting accurate information.

If you have heard of anyone who may be impacted, please complete this form. We will reach out as best we can and work with community agencies to try and provide support.

Campus Donation Collection Spots

  • Conlan Rec Center
  • Lobby of the Fink Science Building

Needed Items

Blankets Combs Pillows Brushes
Diapers Deodorant Baby Wipes Razors
Baby Formula Shaving Cream Coloring Books Shampoo
Crayons Soap Underwear Face/Hand Wipes
Toilet Paper Hand Soap and Lotion Water Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Wash Rags and Hand Towels Advil/Tylenol Band-aids Hand Sanitizer
Juice Boxes Dog Waste Bags Ziploc Bags Gift Cards (e.g. Target, Kohl's, Safeway, etc.)


Air quality is obviously bad. There are face masks available at the Health Center in Bertrand Hall.


  • The library will be waiving fines for overdue items for students affected by the fires.
  • If students or faculty lost borrowed library items because because of the fires, please contact Ethan Annis
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