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A New Look for the Databases: Home

We've made some changes...

Over the summer our resource guides, database pages, and Ask the Library service went through some upgrades.  They all have a cleaner look and some new features.  Since the databases get such heavy use, we created a little guide (below) that points out some of the features for the database pages.

If you have any questions about any of the updates please let us know.



1. Search for databases by title

From the search box you can start typing the title of a database and matches will show up in the results.

2. Show databases by subject

Choose a subject area and all of the database associated with that subject area will show up.

3. Show databases by type

Looking for databases with streaming videos?  Maybe you need ones that have mostly journal articles?  Now you can see which databases meet your information needs.

4. Show databases by vendor

Have you ever had someone ask you to search the EBSCO database? Which one is that?  Well, now you can choose to search databases by vendor.  We have about 30 EBSCO databases, so you might need more infromation, but it's a start.

5. Database names and descriptions

Here you'll find the name of the database and a description of it's contents. The check mark in the black circle indicates that particular database is not included in Iceberg searches.  

If you search by subject area, you'll see databases at the top of the screen listed as Best Bets.  Best Bets may be the best databases to start with, as they are closely associated with your subject area.  Databases listed after the Best Bets could also be helpful for finding the information that you need.

6. Database links

Click on the chainlink icon, it will provide a link to the individual database.  You can send that link to yourself, a student, or include it in Moodle.

7. Your librarian

This is the librarian associated with this subject area.  Get to know your subject librarians, they're a great resource.

8. Guides

This is a list of resource guides and tutorials associated with the subject area. 




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